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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 29, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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about abdulmutallab in the system that never generated any kind of revocation of his visa or any restriction of him getting on a plane. >> pete, is there any indication -- we're learning more and more about mutallab, but is there any indication that the suspect himself has been helpful to the authorities in any way? is he giving up any useful information that may be helpful in this investigation? >> i think the answer to that is yes, with an asterisks. i'm told he has been answering questions. he was fairly cooperative at the beginning, and then somewhat less so. apparently that's an on again/off again thing. the problem is they say he's saying lots of things about which there's doubtful credibility. he initially claimed that he got a lot of help and some of the materials and the know how and the training to do this in yemen. initially, the investigators were telling us they had no way to confirm that. but now we're told that they have begun to get some information on the ground in yemen that backs up that claim.
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there's independent reason to think that yemen may have been the reason and the source for this. one is that the yemeni authorities have said he was in yemen earlier this year, arriving in august, staying until december. he then went back to nigeria and that's where he took the plane to detroit from starting in lagos. secondly, we're told by intelligence officials that when there were raids on suspected yemeni terrorist sites, that the explosive material that was in his planned bomb, something called petn, was found at some of those yemeni sites. now, you have to note that petn is widely used by terrorists and is found around the world. nonetheless, one of the places they raided had petn. he had it, too. there's ample reason, i think, to believe there are some yemeni connection here. whether that translates to an al qaeda connection or not is still an open question. >> all right. pete williams, thank you. >> you bet. and developing now, a u.s. soldier is dead after an afghan soldier opened fire on a
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military base in northwest afghanistan. no confirmation yet on a possible motive. one report claims the afghan soldier was denied access to part of the base by coalition forces, became angry and opened fire. two italian soldiers were also shot. they shot and the shooter are all hospitalized. we'll bring you details on this as we get them. also this hour, bomb experts detonated a device found in milan's malpensa airport. it was equipped with a detonator and radio receiver but was found not to have any explosives inside. security temporarily closed to check-in counters but flights are continuing as scheduled. today in pakistan, crowds gathered for the funerals of 43 people killed in monday's bombing of a shiite procession. police in karachi are tightening security to contain any further violence. and north korean officials are questioning an american man who crossed into the country on christmas eve.
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28-year-old robert park is a human rights activist who says he's hoping to raise awareness of conditions in the country. and desperate search is under way for an arsonist in northampton, massachusetts. and a joint task force has been set up to investigate. more than a dozen fires were set within a two-hour period on sunday. two people have died. and now investigators want to find who did it before it happens again. so far investigators are at a dead end with no new information. there is $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. fire investigators in mississippi are still searching for answers after an apartment fire there killed nine people. including six children. neighbors say they did not hear smoke detectors and that the family who lived in that apartment had taken in another family that had fallen on hard times. fire officials say arson is not
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a probable cause and a recent inspection of the apartments found no electrical problems. well, with congress in recess, top democratic aides are some of the only people at work on the hill trying to lay the groundwork for the merger of the two health care bills. chris freights is political kos' health care reporter. chris, dems want to start the talks early. any word of a conference committee, where and whether it will be held? are house and senate leaders going to hash out the details in private somewhere? >> jami, right now it looks like that while neither the house nor the senate is saying exactly what's going to happen, they are planning more of an informal conference. staffers are already working on documents that will be able to kind of try to bridge the differences on things like abortion funding restrictions in the health bill, how to pay for it, what taxes to use. lots of kind of big-ticket issues here that have to be straightened out. and i think we're going to see
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kind of a lot of behind-the-scenes maneuvering in the coming weeks. the house and senate staffers are at work right now. i'm told next week the house -- relevant house chairman will be back in town to start kind of adding their imprint to this. and so will a lot of the key senators. so there is a lot of kind of prep work happening this week. they'll get to the member level next week as both democrats in the senate and the house try to get this thing ironed out and to the president's desk before the state of the union. >> and, chris, it seems this debate is fast moving from the hill to the state level. with health care lobbyists pressuring -- the only word i can really think to use -- republicans on state amendments against some of the overhaul measures. are these efforts going to be just symbolic because federal legislation would supersede any state constitutional amendments, wouldn't it? >> it would, jami, you're right on that. this is a move by the insurance
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industry and other special interests to start to lay the groundwork for if there is any kind of state opt-outs or opt-ins. for instance, in the senate language, it allows states to opt in or opt out of some of the federal funding for abortion provisions. and they're trying to lay that groundwork so they can show when a state has a choice on what to do inside this health care bill that they're ready to say, we're going to reject it or accept it. so there's a lot of work already at the state level to lay the groundwork to prepare state legislatures for any choices they want. the special interests are already in there trying to make sure that they get heard and can lay the groundwork for making things go the way they would like to see it. >> all right, chris frates, politico, thanks a bunch. msnbc is the place for politics. here are some of the top headlines. health care lobbyists trying to undercut the impact of the health care overhaul, pressuring state republicans with donations
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to get them back to amendments at the state level, blocking reform measures. democrat senator max baucus firing back after former republican congressman mark foley accused him of delivering a speech drunk. that's right. in the december 22nd speech, the finance committee chairman appeared to slur his words. the senator's office says he was delivering a passionate defense, and calls the claim gutter politics. cowboy hats will be among the item s filling president george w. bush's presidential library. it's set to open in texas in 2013. also included, sports memorabilia, post- 9/11 documents and a gun saddam hussein had when he was captured. coming up -- the bitter custody battle taking shape in alaska between bristol palin and levi johnston.
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what her family did to try to keep it away from the public eye. plus, police in colorado released a 911 shedding new light on a domestic dispute between actor charlie sheen and his wife. and making money in the new year, we're going to talk with the experts about spending and saving in the year 2010. [ female announc ] crunch time, wheat thins. right here...right now. ♪
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i believe the president's actions in yemen have been solid, they've been strong, and the president should realize we have very strong support among republicans for what he's doing. he's taking aggressive action, and it's very layered types of action and the president is doing the right thing in yemen. if he wants to do more, i would support him on that.
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>> republican congressman peter king today offering strong support for the administration's increasing involvement in yemen. in the past two weeks, the u.s. has helped the yemeni government carry out two air strikes against al qaeda. the terrorist group claims the bombing attempt on christmas day was retaliation for those attacks but the dates don't quite work out. abdulmutallab purchased his plane ticket to detroit two days before the first of the recent air strikes. i'm joined now by nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel and nbc news terrorism analyst michael sheehan. michael, let me start with you. if al qaeda in yemen isn't being entirely truthful about the bomb being -- the bomb attempt being in retaliation for these air strikes, can we believe they're claim of responsibility or abdulmutallab's claim that he was trained there? the government has cooperated in these air strikes in yemen, and there is success dating back to 2002, but perhaps there's some degree of retaliation.
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but to what extent do we think that there's a connection between this and the american activity in yemen? >> well, jami, it appears that the timing is not correct, that has a direct link of this attack being connected with our recent activity in yemen. i just don't think that's the case. this probably, this plot with this nigerian guy, has probably been going on for many months. but in fact there is increasing evidence that linked this individual to al qaeda in yemen and probably there were links there in terms of further radicalizing this individual, preparing him for an attack and probably providing him this explosive material petn that he used in his attempted attack. >> richard, there's a new focus on yemen now, at least in the public mind. and it seems to emphasize the new type of war we're fighting. here's a piece of eugene robinson's op-ed in today's "washington post" -- are we
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fighting the right war is really the question asked. so let's talk about that. are we in the right place at the right time? are we chasing the right enemy in the right place? >> al qaeda is a stateless organization. it operates wherever there is no clear central authority. that could be afghanistan and has been afghanistan in the past. it could be the border areas of afghanistan and is currently
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there are parts of yemen that doesn't have very much control, somalia, chechnya. there are many places where radical groups, al qaeda's even tried to make in-roads to gaza, for example. and i think it would be going back to the point this editorial was making impossible for the united states to try and occupy, rebuild and retrain the security forces for every failed or failing state across the globe. that is almost two issues. you have to have a strategy based on intelligence that would combat an organization like al qaeda, and the surge, these extra troops that are being sent to afghanistan, that is really to -- to salvage a -- more of a conventional war, an ongoing confli conflict. they may both be necessary but they are two different types of flights. i would love to good mr. michael sheehan's opinion on this. he's written extensively on counterterrorism. i would love to find out what he
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has to say. is conventional war in afghanistan really useful at all in fighting an organization like al qaeda? >> michael, i think i will have to get your thoughts on that in the next hour, when i'll have a chance to talk with you again. michael, i'm toll actually by the powers that be that you can go ahead and answer that. and i'm glad to hear it. >> good. there's a relationship between counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, when the counterterrorism infrastructure is in an area where you conduct a counterinsurgency. thankfully in afghanistan, al qaeda's been out of there a long time. really the counterinsurgency operations there really do not have much of a direct impact on al qaeda central, which has moved out of there. i don't expect they will really move back. really they're very distinct types of operations and the counterterrorism programs that we're going to need to fight al qaeda extend around the world from the sanctuaries, which are now in pakistan, yemen and places like that, through capitals like london, amsterdam
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and the streets in our cities in the u.s. it's a global effort, it's an intelligence effort that only is tangentially related to insurgencies where there is sanctuary. i hope that helps a little, richard. >> it does. i appreciate it. listen to this man. he knows of which he speaks. >> and we're so pleased to your insight, michael. yours as well, richard. we will continue to dialogue next hour and for a very long time to come. gentlemen, thank you both very much for joining us here on msnbc. we are hearing now that dramatic 911 call from charlie sheen's wife on christmas morning. according to the call of the star of "two and a half men" held a switchblade knife to his wife's throat and threatened to kill her. take a listen.
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>> now, tv's highest-paid actor is denying it all. tmz reports child services is aware of the incident and is deciding whether to pursue an investigation. mr. sheen and brooke mueller are parents to twin boys. sheen's next court hearing is set for february. the custody fight over sarah palin's grandson is now in the court of public opinion. levi johnston is welcoming the media attention on the legal welcoming, i said, the legal attention on the legal struggle for his son. palin is seeking sole custody of 1-year-old trip and requesting that johnston pay child support. sarah palin's oldest daughter believes the publicity will hurt her son emotionally as he grows older. an attorney for bristol palin released a statement saying --
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well, the decade is winding down. so here's a look at the ap's list of top five biggest mistakes of the decade. number five, o.j. simpson's book "if i did it." it's a fictional account of his hypothetical confession to the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. remember, the publisher ended up pulling the book. up next -- the parents of balloon boy, richard and mayumi heene, both sentenced to jail time and to repay thousands of dollars spent on rescue efforts for the hoax. remember the panic this white house photo-op caused in lower manhattan, the ill-conceived photo-op of air force one cost taxpayers $328,000 and it's number three on the list. another white house flub comes in at number two. that's right, the infamous
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americans thousands of miles east and hundreds of miles above met today on a universal conference call. soldiers stationed in iraq talked with astronauts on board the international space station via video downlink. they spoke to soldiers about life at 220 miles above the earth and the ins and outs of living in space for six months. a iran supreme leader said opposition leaders are enemies of god and should be executed. president ahmadinejad is also
1:24 pm
blaming the foreign media for escalating protests in tehran. but president obama was cautious when condemning the violence during his only public address while on holiday. >> for months the iranian people have sought nothing more than to exercise their universal rights. each time they have done so, they have been met with the iron fist of brutality. what's taking place within iran is not about the united states or any other country. it's about the iranian people and their aspirations for justice and a better life for themselves. >> nbc's tehran bureau chief ali arouzi joins us live from iran. how were the comments by president obama being received there on the ground, ali? >> well, jami, they have not been going down very well at all here. the iranian government has come out fighting saying the events overthat's that nauseating masquerade engineered by the united states and israel.
1:25 pm
and the parliament said president obama discredited himself by supporting the protesters over the violence on the weekend. that has done a lot of damage between any relationships within the united states and -- the relationship with america. they said america's never been sincere with wanting to build fences with iran and this is their proof because they support regime change in iran. >> ali, thank you. and now we go to a chemical that is being found inside certain tylenol bottles, and it is leading to a nationwide recall. stores removing all tylenol arthritis pain 100-count bottles with the red ez open cap. johnson & johnson is pulling the product after reports of a moldy smell that can lead to nausea and stomach pain. production is actually being moved to a new facility and the company thinks it will be available again next month.
1:26 pm
an illinois company owes the government big bucks for selling toys with dangerous lead levels. rc2 will pay $1.25 million to the federal government. that's after recalling 2 million toys with a dangerous lead content. government officials say executives knew lead levels were above the legal limit in the toys when they were shipped. the settlement language will allow rc2 to further deny knowingly violating federal lead laws. coming up -- as airports across the country review their security measures in the wake of the botched christmas day attack, privacy advocates are raising issues with those full-body scans. plus, a happy homecoming for a new jersey father and his son after a five-year custody fight. nbc cameras will take you inside as sean goldman goes home for the first time. that exclusive next on msnbc. you get a lot of different stuff from her.
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new details surrounding the would-be bomber of that northwest flight from amsterdam to detroit. umar abdulmutallab got about three ounces of explosives on board the plane by sewing it into his underwear. that's nearly the same amount as in richard reid's shoe bomb. meanwhile, al qaeda in yemen claims responsibility for the attack. it says they gave abdulmutallab the explosives. they also say the device didn't detonate because of a technical fault. and did the terror suspect act out of loneliness? according to one report, abdulmutallab apparently turned to the internet for companionship from 2005 to 2007 he sought friends online and in posts he wrote he was lonely and said he never found a true muslim friend. turns out president obama quietly expanded the u.s. war on terror long before the christmas day terror attempt. the cia has been on the ground in yemen for almost a year now.
1:31 pm
that's where the accused terrorist was reportedly trained by al qaeda. the pentagon has also dogeared $70 million for anti-terror efforts in yemen. nbc news political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in hawaii with the president there in honolulu. chuck, bill bertin is saying the president doesn't want to politicize the issue of national security but it's happening anyway. >> sure. >> do you think this is the next hot potato for the white house? >> well, it certainly is this week and next. and you're going to hear a lot more. i mean, you have some big republican critics who certainly know how to find a tv camera, getting in front of that camera over the last couple of days on this issue. but it goes into this ideological split between the two parties, and in many ways we may see the same debate that played out, for instance, between former vice president cheney and president obama back
1:32 pm
in the spring of this year about what is the war on terror? how do you define it? how do you define the enemy? you've got some republican critics say that, for instance, that this administration too narrowly defines al qaeda, and that they're not focused enough on this idea that we're supposed to be at war with islamic fundamentalism as a whole. and then you have the obama administration will argue, well, that's not the case. it is al qaeda that we're at war with. there are different franchises of al qaeda. you brought up the yemen issue. there's somalia, where there's a branch of al qaeda. places like mali, even the philippines and thailand, where there have been some evidence of al qaeda folks. so they would say, look, that is the umbrella group. that's who they're targeting. and they believe they had success, and that you can't just target islamic fundamentalism because then you can create more lonely homegrown terrorists like this gentleman that we're finding out about now.
1:33 pm
>> all right, thank you very much, chuck. and, of course, airports remain on alert today and although some restrictions are being lifted, they are still in place as a result of this incident. nbc's michelle kosinski is live at the detroit airport. i understand that it's changing a bit there. give us an update. >> all right, jami, this morning security lines were an hour and a half long and it was purely because of the additional searches that people are subject to. things have calmed down now but we're getting some word from people coming off of flights that they were subject to, in their words, unusual searches. what does that mean? it's different everywhere you're going to be flying but some people talked about their little children, even babies, being thoroughly patted down and searched. not all of the children reacting well to that. also, lots of searches of your hand luggage, sometimes more than once before you board your flight. it's all been extremely
1:34 pm
confusing and you get the sense now that, that is part of the intent. the tsa has not gotten back to us on anything specific related to detroit or anywhere else. and when you look at reports from around the country and around the world, it varies so much. one airport people will say, it's business as usual. i expected a long line. i didn't get a long line. in other places, though, people are subject to more searching than they would have thought or maybe they would have liked had the situation been different than what happened on christmas day, obviously. but when you search around, i think the best thing to do is probably to look online for reports on what happens happ's your area. when you look at the british airlines website, for example, there's a section they say additional information for people flying to the u.s. they don't mention anything about the last hour of flight but they say only one piece of hand luggage if you're traveling to the u.s. anywhere else in the world, it's not affected. of course, neshlly the tsa had said things would be different in the last hour of flight for international passengers, at
1:35 pm
least. but that, too, apparently now is at the discretion of the captain. even some people flying on domestic flights are reporting they are asked to do something different the last hour. for example, keeping your hands visible, not using electronics or ipods. we are seeing that on both international and domestic flights. it just varies, jami. >> and now more than ever, get to that airport very, very early. thank you so much michelle kosinski there in detroit. right now a u.s. service member is one of three dead after an afghan soldier opened fire at a military base in northwest afghanistan. two italian soldiers were also shot at the base in the country's bagdy province. the italian shooter has been hospitalized. and the world health organization wants to keep a watch over swine flu. the w.h.o. said it's too early to say the virus peaked world wye. and speeds up to 140 miles
1:36 pm
an hour in phoenix. the rider led police through phoenix and the city airport. he faces multiple felony charges. a fugitive gives a hollywood salute to british police through his craigslist account. he's on the run but showing viewers he's enjoying freedom. he escaped prison in suffolk county. he was serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary. lynch has received messages of support from over 1,000 facebook friends. holiday dwi in one texas county will be available information for neighbors with internet access. take a look at this map. the district attorney's office in montgomery county, texas, has decided to post the names of all drunk driving offenders between christmas and new year's eve on twitter. the social networking site will act as a digital perp walk for county residents caught behind the wheel with an illegal blood alcohol level.
1:37 pm
all right. the brazilian relatives of sean goldman are not giving up the fight for their grandson. the boy's grandmother will again request the child appear in court to tell a judge where he would rather live. meanwhile, sean and his father david are finally back in their new jersey home after . after an emotional five years, the goldmans give nbc news reporter jeff rossen an exclusive first look at the family trying to start again. >> remember, these would glow at night and you would later look at the stars? >> reporter: overnight david goldman brought his son home. it's sean's first time in new jersey in more than five years. >> you remember these? he's home. even on the way he goes, when are we going to get to our house? where's our house? she loves this, like right here. >> reporter: sean played with his cold cat tuohy and the neighbors, they had a surprise for the goldmans, too, decorating the entire house, christmas tree, presents and all.
1:38 pm
>> to sean, from you? >> reporter: david kept sean's room exactly the same all this time. >> it's been waiting for you. >> reporter: hopingger happy me did. >> i spent five years avoiding this room but keeping it here for him. and now i sit in it under a whole different light. he's home. he's home. we did it. we did it. >> reporter: happiness will come from healing and david goldman knows that will take time. meredith spent time with father and son this past weekend. >> your biggest worry about sean right now is what? >> adjustment. >> yeah. >> you know, time will tell on how he deals and how he behaves
1:39 pm
and how much help and healing we'll need. >> reporter: they spent christmas together in orlando. >> shoot. >> reporter: and now the final stop. >> that looks pretty cool. >> reporter: new jersey, where father and son once shared so many happy memories, where this morning david hopes they can make so many more. >> here's something else. >> to sean, from -- >> just another person that loves you. it's real. it's real. and he's okay. he's really okay. it's real, and it's beautiful. >> and david goldman will be holding a press conference later today. we'll bring you details as they become available. and continue to make those available to you. meanwhile, the rose bowl parade is going to get a beautiful new float honoring american heroes.
1:40 pm
that float is a tribute to the tuskegee airmen, and it will carry 16 of the original fliers down colorado boulevard on new year's day. british runners get extremely messy for a good cause. yesterday 250 competitors took part in the maldin mud race. proceeds from that event go to local charities. and age is nothing but a number for this pair ragliding grandmother. she spent her monday taking a 15-minute through lima, peru, with the help of an instructor. her next challenge, bungee jumping. keep it here. you're watching msnbc. ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body.
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1:44 pm
expected. but that's still far short of the 90 that would signify a solid economy. a key housing index finds home prices climbed for the fifth straight month in october. the index is up by .4%. but compared to a year ago, home prices are still down more than 7%. and taking a look at wall street, the dow jones industrials are up 17.38. and standard & poors is up .32 but the nasdaq composite is down 1.57. now, if you hold stock in any of the companies tiger woods sponsors, it looks like you may be out of some cold, hard cash. according to live science, researchers looked at stock of nine of woods' sponsors from the day of his suv crash to december 17th. that's a week after he took an indefinite leave from golf. and overall the researchers figured the scandal, surprise,
1:45 pm
surprise, reduced shareholder value in the sponsor companies by 2.3% or, get this number, $12 billion. after the rough economic ride of 2009, many americans are looking to reset their own finances and are resolving to save more money in the new year. how can consumers get their finances back on track in 2010 and maybe put a little cash in the bank, too? well, we've got our personal finance expert with us, farush joining me now. i know advice number one, dump your tiger woods' stock. >> yesterday. >> and that's enough about tiger. let's get some general advice. i will take notes if you don't mind. >> sure. >> what's the most important advice have you to stay out of the red in 2010? >> stick to cash. >> what? >> stick to cash. look, if you're good with the credit cards and paying them off in full every month, bravo. but a lot of us are in a lot of
1:46 pm
debt, average $10,000 per household. the best way to stick to a budget is to use cash. you can actually underspend by 20% when you stick to cash because credit cards give us the false license to spend. if your new year's resolution is to save money, stick to cash. once it's gone, it's gone and you can't go overboard. >> but a credit card gives me a record of what i spent and it helps me to account. it's like having a personal accountant in my house. >> but this is the year you have to be accountable as well. okay. if you want to stick to a cash diet, my suggestion is write downal of yo all of your expens track. there are a lot of online softwares that are free like, >> quicken. >> quicken is available and been a trusted and long-used service. so i think the excuse, i don't know where to start if i use cash. how do i track my expenses? there's a lot of technology out there to help wuss that. >> and more and more people are carrying personal display devices. >> yeah, iphones.
1:47 pm
>> as you go, there's no excuse. >> yes, there's expense tracker. lots of applications through the iphone. look, if you have an iphone, you can do this. >> there are new credit card rules that are in effect. >> yes. >> thoser going to ha eare goin impact. >> they're going to have a silver lining amongst all of the hoopla over the past couple years. there's an aggressive move to make the credit card companies more accountable and offer more disclosure. for example, they will have to tell you if you just pay the minimum on your credit card balance, it may take you 29 years to pay it off. that's a red flag for consumers. often we spend, spend, spend. we gijust pay the minimum. we don't really know the big picture. credit card companies are asked to be more accountable. they can't hike your interest rates overnight. they have to give you full and lengthy disclosure. if you have a credit card and paying it off in full and it has a fixed rate, they cannot raise your interest rate. >> we will check back with you if a few minutes. thank you a bunch. 2010 is right around the quarter.
1:48 pm
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here's what's happening in
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today's world view. a bomb attached to a car exploded inside of a parking garage in eastern baghdad today. at least five people were wounded. several cars caught fire. the garage is used by iraqi transport ministry officials. and israeli ex-con is back in court for violating the conditions of his 2004 parole. accused of meeting with foreigners without israeli authorization. he was convicted in 1986 for releasing details and photographs of ast an israeli pourp plant to a london newspaper. rains resulted in heavy flooding in spain. flood gates in several towns opened. the investigation into that christmas day attempt to blow up a detroit plane spans the globe from u.s. to britain to yemen. the suspect left a trail of
1:53 pm
clues. let's talk about the reported online posts made by the suspect. what do they reveal about this young man? and his inclinations. >> one posting surfaced from someone using the name farouk and 1986. they were posted on the islamic foreign website and printed in "the washington post." details from the posts do match the personal history of the man in custody but don't know for sure if he wrote them. they were posted in 2005. the writer discussed everything from love and marriage to his struggle between his natural desires and his need to be pure. he writes about having no one to speak to or support him about feeling lonely and depressed and struggling with the balance between liberalism and extremism. >> donna, fascinating on online will be so much a part of our investigation in this case. thank you for that report.
1:54 pm
coming up at the top of the hour here on msnbc, the latest on the deadly attack against a u.s. soldier in afghanistan. plus, parts of the country bracing for another major winter storm. what you can expect. that's up next on msnbc.
1:55 pm
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new details about the man behind the plot to blow up an american airliner and the first pictures of the special underwear he wore to carry out his plan. the 911 tape has now been released. what charlie sheen's wife said to police after he allegedly came at her with a knife. a palin baby battle. sarah palin in a court fight over her grandson. taking on the baby's father, levi johnston. where the jobs are. a new report on who will be hiring in 2010 and where. welcome back to msnbc. i'm jami floyd.
1:58 pm
today u.s. investigators are examining a burned syringe, apparently used as a detonating device in the attempted christmas day plane attack. alleged terrorist umar farouk adulmutallab says al qaeda bomb makers sewed the explosives into his underwear for the flight to detroit. pete williams joins with us the latest the investigation. in the aftermath of this incident, it seemed the administration was saying that the security methods were successful. now some are saying that they backtracked but that's not entirely fair. what exactly did secretary napolitano say then and what is the administration saying now? >> well, the now part is pretty universal. it is both the president and the homeland security system saying -- security secretary, rather, saying the system clearly failed or someone never would have been able to get on a plane with explosives. what the homeland security system says, the secretary said on sunday, was that the response to this crisis worked. that is the ability and
1:59 pm
notifying planes while they are still in the air and the ability to look for other possible hazards and she says that's what she meant when she said on sunday rather controversial now that the system worked. that she wasn't trying to imply that the aviation security system, the screening system, worked or clearly never would have been able to get on the plane with the explosive material. as for the analysis of it, experts tell us that they have not yet fully identified all of the components of this device. they found that syringe we talked about, partially melted that had what a chemical sort of like antifreeze in it. they know about the powder and explosives. you see it in the front of the underwear where it would have been worn on the plane to conceal it. but there -- there are missing pieces in that chain of reaction that would have needed to take place to make a bomb and one question now is were those -- additional chemicals consumed in the fire or were they never there in the first place? in which case was this really a viable bomb? i guess the answer is


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